How to initiate Self-Diagnosis Mode in INFINITI vehicles?

There are a few steps to do that, here they are:

1. Turn ignition switch OFF.

2. Press the trip reset switch, and at the same time turn ignition switch ON.

3. Keep the trip reset switch for 1 second or more.

4. Press the trip reset switch at least 3 times. (Within 7 seconds after the ignition switch is turned ON.)

5. You will see the “Work instruction code” in the top portion of information display, and self-diagnosis is started.

6. The mode switches in the order shown below each time the trip reset switch is pressed:

1 Work instruction code
2 Part number
3 Software code
4 EEPROM code
5 Hardware code
6 P.C.B code
7 Circuit check
8 Colour check
9 Error code
10 Warning/Indicator lamp check